Create Your Own Embroidery Journal

Creating an embroidery journal is a very fulfilling activity – but a lot goes into the upkeep. In order to keep you up to speed, I’ve written an in-depth PDF guide, which is available on my Etsy. However, I also have blog posts that will take you through the process of creating your own journal available on my website. Scroll down for those resources.

In-depth Embroidery Journal PDF Guide

Looking to start your own embroidery journal? I’ve written a PDF guide that covers everything the below blogs cover but in even more detail and additional sections that cover things like how to keep yourself motivated throughout the year, why it’s helpful to keep a sketchpad, and even more.


A short list of supplies needed for starting up your embroidery journal.

Setting up Your Journal

Something that I get questions about quite often is how do I segment my embroidery journal. If you take a quick glimpse at my journal, you may not notice that there is a dividing point between where one month ends and another starts. With this post, I walk you through how to set up your hoop.

Creating Daily Icons

To make taking on an embroidery journal a little bit easier, I’ve put together a guide on how I decide on what to stitch each day, whether I have an idea of what direction I’d like to go in or if I am in need of a bit of inspiration.

Spacing out Your Icons

Have you ever looked at my embroidery journal and been confused by how how at the end of the month I can perfectly squeeze in an icon for every day? Well, with this post I’ll be showing you how I accomplish this and how you can do the same. I get it, you’re worried that you might make them all too large and run out of space. It can be overwhelming to start with, but over time you’ll improve your skills on balancing out the sizes of your icons. You’ll realize that it’s okay to have some larger icons alongside some smaller ones.

Other Resources

2.5 Years in the Making

As of June 2022, I’ve worked on three different embroidery journals. It’s been 2.5 years straight of having an embroidery journal on the go. Through those years, I’ve worked three different jobs, moved from California to Scotland, gained a boyfriend, read a TON of books, and loads else! Find out about all of that and more by checking out this post.

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