Intro to Embroidery Journals

Creating an embroidery journal is a very fulfilling activity – but a lot goes into the upkeep. I’ve written a fair amount of resources that will assist you in creating your own embroidery journal. I also have an in-depth Embroidery Journal Guide available on my Etsy. Continue scrolling down on this page to see the rest of the resources.


Looking to learn more about embroidery journals? This FAQ should answer all of your questions.

The In-depth Embroidery Journal Guide

Looking to start your own embroidery journal? I’ve written a guide that covers everything the below blog topics but in even more detail alongside additional sections that cover things like how to keep yourself motivated throughout the year, why it’s helpful to keep a sketchpad, and even more.

The Create Your Own Embroidery Journal Guide is available as both a PDF and a physical guide.


A short list of supplies needed for starting up your embroidery journal.

Setting up Your Embroidery Journal

Learn how to set up your embroidery journal.

Creating Daily Icons

Read about how I decide what to stitch on a given day and what I do when I need a bit of inspiration.

Spacing out Your Icons

Find out how I space out my journal so that I don’t have any awkward gaps or not enough space at the end of the month.

Other Resources

Embroidery Journaling Facebook Group

Join a group of likeminded stitchers working on our 2022 and soon, 2023 embroidery journals. Whether you’re joining in order to share photos or comments about your own embroidery journal, looking for more information on how to start your own, or even just to lurk – we welcome all!

2.5 Years in the Making

As of June 2022, I’ve worked on three different embroidery journals. It’s been 2.5 years straight of having an embroidery journal on the go. Through those years, I’ve worked three different jobs, moved from California to Scotland, gained a boyfriend, read a TON of books, and loads else! Find out about all of that and more by checking out this post.

Other Embroidery Journaling Posts

Embroidery Journaling: Traveling the World – This post goes into how I balance traveling and keeping my embroidery journal up to date.

Mini Embroidery Journals – Learn about one of my newest projects, MinI Embroidery Journals.

Cleaning Your Embroidery Journal – Your embroidery journal may start looking a little bit grubby after months of use, this is how I keep my embroidery journal spotless.

Embroidery Journaling – Duplicating Icons – Duplicating icons within a year can definitely happen! Find out what I do when this happens.

Embroidery Journaling – Alternatives to the Standard Format – Looking to make an embroidery journal but don’t like the idea of starting on January 1st? Find out some other options for when you’re just starting out.

2021 Through my Embroidery Journal – In 2021, I quit my job and moved to Scotland. Find out the details of everything else that I got up to.

A Stitch in Time – Find out what it was like working on an embroidery journal throughout the 2020 pandemic.

Enjoyed this post? Then check out some of my other blog posts or purchase the in-depth embroidery journal guide. You can also join the free Embroidery Journaling Facebook group to chat with others working on Embroidery Journals. Follow me on any of the following social media websites:

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