Embroidery Journaling: Supplies

In recent years, journaling has become quite the artform – there are endless ways to keep track of your days. But for me, I quickly grew attached to the idea of journaling via embroidery. To be honest, working on my embroidery journal in 2020 and 2021 has absolutely helped me throughout these past couple of tough years. My journal has been there for me through the treatment of a bone infection, the pandemic, the planning of an international move, and even a few monumental societal events.

Essentially, it reflects what I’ve experienced and looking at my journal, you can get a sense of what I’ve gone through. I’d like to be able to help you do the same, but first you’ll need supplies. So shall we?

Supplies list:

  • 10 or 12 inch hoop
  • 100% cotton or a similar type of fabric
  • A template to divide your fabric – Look up a 12 slice pie chart online and use that as your starting point.
  • Embroidery needles of your choice.
  • Embroidery floss
  • Water soluble pen
  • Sketchpad and pencil to keep track of your days
  • Optional: An ort jar
  • Optional: A needle minder (learn how to make your own)

2022 Update – I recently published an in-depth Create Your Own Embroidery Journal Guide. It covers the the information in this post as well as information not covered on my website. I also have an entire Embroidery Journal Kit available.

Enjoyed this post? Then check out some of my other blog posts or purchase the in-depth embroidery journal guide. You can also join the free Embroidery Journaling Facebook group to chat with others working on Embroidery Journals. Follow me on any of the following social media websites:

2 thoughts on “Embroidery Journaling: Supplies

  1. Amazing! My friend tagged me in your video which is on Facebook. I’m doing to try it, just ordered my cross stitch frame and fabric. Thank you so much for the brilliant idea and inspiration!

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