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A Stitch a Day with Krafty Karli

Karli Ingle, also known as Krafty Karli, has quite the unique embroidery journal. Everytime she finishes reading a book, she embroiders a book on her bookshelf depicting that book. Each shelf represents a different genre from top to bottom: Poetry & Non-Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Romance, Fantasy, Magical Realism, and Fantasy overflow. On top of…

A Stitch A Day with Jess Blauwkamp

If you’re looking for interesting embroidery journal layouts, then look no further as Jess Blauwkamp is ahead of the curve in creating her unique and creative formats. Over the past two years, she has created some of the most unique designs that I’ve seen online to date. This year, she’s going with a stunning colour…

A Stitch a Day with Jaclyn Nigon

Minnesota native Jaclyn Nigon uses embroidery journaling as a creative hobby to capture daily life and cherished memories. She embroiders icons depicting state parks, family activities, and memorable events from her life into her journal. This creative exercise lets her reflect on her days, grow her creative skills, and document life moments.

A Stitch a Day with Jane Stedman

When you think of a Jack of all trades, you might think of Jane Stedman going forward. Not only does she excel in embroidery, but she’s also enjoys learning the ins and outs of a variety of other crafts, some even represented on her beautiful 2023 Embroidery Journal. With a unique layout and a variety…

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