Looking for information about how to create your own embroidery journal, tips and tricks, or even just ramblings about my life? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Unique Ways to Journal with Thread

Ever thought about taking up an embroidery journal but wanted to do something a bit different? These embroiderers journal by using a needle & thread, but do things their own way. You’ll see small embroidery hoops, word based journals, book journals, and even some unusual layouts.

How to Finish an Embroidery Piece in a Hoop

Congratulations on finishing an embroidery piece! Now, let’s get started on getting it finished in an embroidery hoop. It may seem tricky, but I promise you – it’s not at all! Do you like this embroidery pattern? You can find it as a kit in my Etsy shop. Supplies Step 1 Place your embroidery piece…

It’s Your Choice: The 2024 Embroidery Journal Kit Poll

Are you considering starting an embroidery journal in 2024? Well, I’m looking for your input when it comes to creating my 2024 embroidery journal kits. Plus, who doesn’t love a community poll? A bit of background: if you’re unaware, an embroidery journal is a form of daily journaling where everyday you will embroidery an icon…


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