It’s Your Choice: The 2024 Embroidery Journal Kit Poll

Are you considering starting an embroidery journal in 2024? Well, I’m looking for your input when it comes to creating my 2024 embroidery journal kits. Plus, who doesn’t love a community poll?

A bit of background: if you’re unaware, an embroidery journal is a form of daily journaling where everyday you will embroidery an icon that represents your day. Since 2022, I have been selling embroidery journal kits that include the basic necessities. You can learn more in my FAQ post or by purchasing my Create Your Own Embroidery Journal Guide.

Aug. 2024 Update: The 2024 Embroidery Journal Kits are now available! Order yours today.

Currently, my 2023 embroidery journal kits include:

  • a 10 inch embroidery hoop
  • a sheet of 100% cotton fabric
  • 5 skeins of DMC embroidery floss: black, light blue, light pink, light green, & light purple
  • 2 DMC needles
  • a pair of embroidery scissors
  • a heat soluble pen
  • A printed copy of the Create Your Own Embroidery Journal Guide
  • the 2023 daily tracker PDF
  • the 2023 embroidery journal template and 117 icons PDF
  • Optional 165 additional icons PDF

The 2023 Embroidery Journal kits are still available if you’re interested in purchasing one from my Etsy store. But let’s get back to brainstorming what you’d like to see in my 2024 embroidery journal kits. Just keep in mind, the more things selected, the more expensive it will make the embroidery kit. When it comes to actually creating the embroidery journal kits, I will take these choices into consideration, but I may not include everything.

The Community Poll – What do you want to see in 2024?

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