Free Mini Embroidery Hoop Patterns & How to Use Them

I recently found myself itching to make a quick embroidery pattern, so I ordered myself some mini embroidery hoops and set off to create some cute patterns. At the end of this blog post, you’ll find three individual patterns that you can use to make your own finished artwork, but I also have embroidery kits for each of the patterns available in my Etsy shop.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • a 1 inch mini embroidery hoop
  • standard embroidery hoop
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors
  • water or heat soluble pen to transfer your pattern
  • hot glue gun

Step 1: Create Your Embroidery Piece

At the end of this blog post, you’ll find the instructions for all three of the included patterns. Embroider your designs, then use the following instructions.

Step 2: Cut out your artwork (instructions for mini embroidery hoops start here)

Now that you’ve finished and cleaned your work, you’ll want to cut out your artwork. Leave about a half inch allowance around your finished artwork.

Step 3: Assemble your mini embroidery hoop

First, if your hot glue gun takes time to warm up, you may want to start pre-heating it now.

Take the smaller of the inner discs and centre your artwork over it.

NOTE: These mini embroidery hoops are so delicate, it’s important to be careful during these steps as the hoop can easily snap.

Next, pop the outer portion of the embroidery hoop over the set that you assembled previously. This is a bit fiddly, so it may take a few tries to get it perfect. Once you’re happy with how you’ve lined up your artwork, thread the included screw through both of the holes on your mini embroidery hoop. Then, screw on one of the nuts to secure the hoop.

Step 4: Finishing off your mini embroidery hoop

You’ll want to be quick during this last step. Have the remaining outer disc included with your mini embroidery hoop ready.

Flip over your mini embroidery hoop and see if you can position the excess fabric to sit neatly in the well of your hoop, If not, trim some of the excess fabric off. Take your hot glue gun and glue down the remaining fabric in the well of your embroidery hoop.

Lastly, using your hot glue gun, place a ring of glue around the surface of the back of your mini embroidery hoop. Be careful not to use too much glue, you don’t want it to overflow. Quickly place the outer disc onto the back of your mini embroidery hoop.

Get a Kit

Looking to get the supplies to make these mini embroidery pieces? Each of these pieces has an embroidery kit available in my Etsy shop.

Get the Free Patterns

These pieces are so easy to complete in an afternoon. I love to create a ton of artwork and finish all of the art in the hoops at once. It’s so satisfying!

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