4 MORE Instagram Story Games: Crafting Edition

I’m back at it with even more Instagram Story Games! I loved what I was able to learn from my followers and beyond through these games when I created my Needlework Instagram Story Games post a couple of months ago. So I decided to create some more general crafting games to cover all crafts!

Scroll down to learn more about each of the games and how they are played, scroll down a bit more to download them. These are mostly designed to spark conversations with your followers and for them to learn a bit more about you. They will also boost your engagement a bit, which never hurts.

BINGO is such a classic game! Who hasn’t played it? I can assure you that you haven’t played THIS version of BINGO before! Relating to crafting in the ways of asking about materials you use, when you started crafting, and more, this will surely start conversations with your followers!

Are you old enough to have played Send Me a Number on Tumblr? If so, you’ll surely love this new and improved crafting version. Just paste a question box on top of the appropriate box and wait for the questions to roll in from your followers, wanting to learn more about you.

Gif to Know Me combines a classing Instagram Story Games with those lovely gifs that you can find on the app! Just upload the game into the app and paste your favorite gifs!

Your followers want to know more about you, that’s why they follow you! Go ahead and share a few quick preferences with them about your preferences when it comes to your craft.

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