The Launch of a Website

Welcome, I finally launched my own website! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but the time never felt right. I finally realized that there was no better time than the present.

Sunset Watercolor Embroidery

I first started teaching myself to embroider in October of 2019. I picked up one of those kits that you can find on Amazon and got to work. It ended up sucking me in and I finished it quickly. From there, I began to create my own patterns based off of shows that I enjoy. ((if you’re learning to embroidery I definitely don’t recommend the Amazon kits. While they are less expensive than a kit you could find on Etsy, most of the Amazon kits are knock-offs of Etsy kits. Support a small creator by shopping small))

But before there was The Stir-Crazy Crafter, there was The Recipe Pantry – a Tumblr blog that I ran for a couple of years as a teenager. It went moderately well for a Tumblr account. I grew a strong following, some of which followed me to an Instagram account that I created where I shared photos of my own creations. After some time, I started at college and I stopped updating my Instagram account, but when I started to really enjoy embroidery, and it kept me somewhat sane during the pandemic, I decided that it was time for a rebranding.

Raspberry White Chocolate Bundt Cake

I decided on The Stir Crazy Crafter because it would give me the flexibility to share my baking and embroidery and any other crafts that I pick up in the future.

Anyways, I figure that this is just the next step in my journey with The Stir-Crazy Crafter. I can’t wait to find out what’s next. 🙂

Please feel free to work your way through my website and check out my Instagram and Etsy.